OttoFleet Alternatives for you

Published on Monday, 12 September 2011 16:01

The OttoFleet solution is available for the following three business scenarios:

  • One-time licensing fee with annual software update fees (optional) that introduce new features.
    • You purchase the OttoFleet software license and install it on your own server or with your own web-hosting service provider.
  • An OFMS monthly subscription charge to access a dedicated web portal location containing the personalized SME web application and a dedicated database.

    • The monthly subscription charge includes the hosting and database charges, and the OFMS licensing fee.
    • The flat monthly fee varies depending on the size of the database required for your purposes. This depends on the number of vehicles or devices and the hours of operation per day.
    • Wireless data network charges are not included in this fee and such charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  • An OFMS monthly subscription charge to access a shared web portal and database for vehicle tracking and trip information services.

    • The subscription charge is per device.  PERSENTECH administers and manages the shared database.
    • Wireless data network charges are not included in this fee and such charges are the responsibility of the customer.

The OFMS devices available for use with the OttoFleet web application include:

  • The PERSENTECH CVS42-OFM device that includes an On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) connection to collect additional vehicle performance information.
  • The OttoFleet Mobile smart phone application, currently available for the iPhone and for the iPad (WiFi + 3G + Assisted GPS).

For more information on availability and pricing, please contact a sales representative at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-888-647-4564.

OttoFleet Managment System Description

Published on Tuesday, 12 July 2011 12:59

OttoFleet Management System (OFMS)- An entry level fleet management system for individuals and SMEs who use vehicles to conduct their business and who must account for vehicle use, the safety of their drivers, and the bottom line - profitability.

Features:Location based alerts

1. Location-based Notifications: In-vehicle driving assistance improves driver awareness while driving within the community and empowers the driver to be more careful to prevent fines and other driving-related costs.

  • Notifications include: Speeding, red light camera controlled intersections, school zones, playgrounds, pedestrian corridors, hazardous intersections and wild life crossings.

CRA-IRS Report Sample2. Paperless Vehicle-Use Diary: Trip information is automatically collected and sent to the OttoFleet Management System (OFMS) web servers. This information is sent over the user's cellular network, and requires that the user have a data plan associated with the smartphone or device.  A web browser is used to access the OFMS portal to generate the reports for business-related vehicle use, to identify vehicle misuse, and to analyze driving behaviour to improve operating efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

3. Vehicle Location Tracking: Reduce the unknown factor and anxieties associated with driver safety.  Instantly locate a vehicle and the current trip information to determine its status. Use the location tracking function as a means to keep track of scheduling of arrivals at customer sites and other business-related appointments. Optimize service and delivery time of arrival and keep customers informed of time changes to their appointments.

4.  Vehicle Performance & Operating Costs: The CVS42-OFM device is an autonomous data logger and display that connects to a vehicle's On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) port and displays various vehicle performance metrics such as fuel economy, carbon emissions, idling time, variable trip costs and total operating costs. The device also includes a business messaging and emergency notification function with configurable email alert triggers that forward the messages to the desired email accounts.